PureVoltage - New York colocation starting at just $79 per month - $695 full racks!


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New York Colocation

PureVoltage is a premium service provider with 15+ global locations including New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, and Amsterdam. Since 2007, we've been providing outstanding Colocation, Dedicated Servers, VPS, and Hosting solutions to satisfied clients all over the globe.We focus on ensuring a superior level of service, efficiency and reliability.

Are you looking for real New York City colocation? Not NJ or Buffalo NY? Without breaking the bank?

Look no further - we are in New York City. Located in the most secured and requested space on the East Coast in Staten Island New York less than 0.1ms from Manhattan!!

New York Colocation 48U – SPECIAL -
$695 / per month + One time $800 setup fee

  • 24/7 On-Site Support*
  • 100Mbps on 1gbps Port
  • 30 Amps of 208 Volt A+B (2KVA usable, equal to 16Amps 120Volt usable, additional power $225 per kva)
  • 24/7 On-site Security
  • Temperature Controlled Location
  • PDU’s Included
  • Free basic remote hands
  • Additional power available



New York Colocation 1-2U
$79 / per month

  • 24/7 On-Site Support*
  • 10 TB Bandwidth on 1Gbps port
  • /29 (5 Useable IPs) IP Allocation
  • 1 Amps of 208 Volt
  • On-site Security
  • Temperature Controlled Location
  • Free basic remote hands



New York Colocation Half Rack
$495 / per month

  • 24/7 On-Site Support*
  • 100Mbps on 1Gbps Port
  • /29 (5 Useable IPs) IP Allocation
  • 8 Amps of 208 Volt
  • 24/7 On-site Security
  • Temperature Controlled Location
  • Free basic remote hands


| Contact us today to setup a custom colocation package! sales@purevoltage.com or phone 1-855-787-8658 |

The PureVoltage New York Data Center:
PureVoltage New York is located within the Teleport Data center at 7 Teleport, Staten Island, NY.

This location remained open, with power during Hurricane Sandy in 2012 when countless other New York data centers lost power.

PureVoltage is located in this SSAE 16-certified, Tier-3, state-of-the-art facility, offering connection to the New York International Internet Exchange (NYIIX).

Facility Includes:

  • 100% Power Uptime SLA
  • 99.999% Network Uptime SLA
  • UPS Battery Backup Power
  • 24/7 On Site Security and Remote Hands Techs
  • Diesel Backup Power Generation

*Extra Features:
  • Free basic remote hands (Reboots, hot-swaps, cable changes, screen readouts, kvm moves, etc.)
  • $150 per hour remote hands for advanced tasks
  • Peering 1Gbps with NYIIX $150 per month + one time $150 setup fee available on all colocation plans even 1U!
  • Managed services - let us handle your networking or operating system needs.
  • Custom buildouts - not quite sure what you need? Let our team of experts help you. We have decades of experience.


Our New York Network Blend Includes:

  • NTT
  • Hurricane Electric
  • Cogent
  • NYIIX (New York International Internet Exchange) Peering
  • DE-CIX New York Peering

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Other Locations

If you need something in another location, we can do it!

We have deals in Seattle, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Portland, Santa Clara, Austin, Philadelphia, Nashville, Secaucus, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Westchester, Raleigh, the list goes on! Contact us for your colocation needs!

Full racks starting from $700 per month with 100Mbps!

Contact Us today for any questions or setup a tour:
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