Mac vs PC


Up until about 4 years ago I was hands down a PC guy. Windows this and windows that. That is until i picked up my first used mac book pro. Once i got the hang of the Mac I don't ever think I would go back. I sold my old mac a few weeks ago and was using my Desk top windows system while searching for a new Mac Book Pro. Have to say I really missed the Mac and was glad to get it back.

What is your pick Mac or PC and why


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Mac and Linux! I am replying to this post from my MacBook Pro. :) I've upgraded it to 16GB RAM, GeForce GT video card and a 500GB SSD. It's pretty sweet :) I run a Linux desktop for games not supported on MacOS, like OverWatch. Funny facts, I owned a Mac ISP in the 90s and offered Mac Centric web hosting services using G3s with MacOS9 and WebStar software. I also have a tattoo of the old MacOS startup blue smile squared face. :D