EasyDCIM - Complete Solution for Data Center and Colocation Management


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If you are a data center owner and look for full-fledged software to keep your business running, EasyDCIM may be just what you need.

With our control panel all stages of your server ordering, provisioning and administration processes as well as customer billing will be automated to the maximum, and navigation through the tool’s key sections - really intuitive.

Eager to get to know EasyDCIM better? Check out our website and get in touch in case of any questions!

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Using this opportunity, we would also like to tell you a few words about EasyDCIM 1.6.0 update (released only yesterday), which is a true milestone in the development of this product.

Here is a general overview of introduced changes:
  • Implementation of multi-threaded architecture model aimed at increasing the efficiency of data collection process and reducing network latency
  • Added NETCONF protocol to support remote management of devices of Juniper and Cisco brands
  • Extended support for remote agents
  • Switch to Debian 9 “Jessie” operating system
  • Update of two key modules: IP Address Management For EasyDCIM v1.6.0 and OS Installation For EasyDCIM v1.5.0
For more information on this huge release you are welcome to visit our official Blog.
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