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We are Servacus. Located in Rothwell & Kettering, Northamptonshire UK our goal is to bring affordable colocation to the Midlands.

Servacus DC offers colocation for 1U all the way up to 42U racks. Would you like a quote? Contact us at https://servacus.co.uk/colocation


- PATH.net 7Tbps Always-On DDoS Attack Filtering.
- Access to PATH.net Filters & Firewall.
- 1Gbps & 10Gbps Ports.
- Included DDoS Protection with Attack Logs.
- Custom Managing Portal including Monitoring for Bandwidth, Power & DDoS Attacks.
- Premium Network with Unmetered Internal Traffic
- Remote Reboots
- Free Racking & Cabling
- Rack Layout Manager
- Networking Layout Manager
- 99.99% Power Uptime SLA
- 99.99% Connectivity Uptime SLA

Why choose us:

- We are an established UK company with real, technical staff.
- We build our own tools including server control panels.
- Our pricing is transparent and at affordable prices.
- The Data Centre is owned and ran by Servacus.


Single Server [1U-4U]:
- Power: 1 Amp
- Network: 1Gbps
- Transfer: 10TB
- IPs: 1 IP Included
£45/mo +VAT
OFFER: Use Coupon Code "50MONTH" at Checkout for 50% OFF your first month!

9U Colocation:

- Power: 4 Amp
- Network: 1Gbps
- Transfer: 20TB
- IPs: 5 IPs Included
£200/mo +VAT
OFFER: Use Coupon Code "50MONTH" at Checkout for 50% OFF your first month!

21U Colocation:

- Power: 8 Amp
- Network: 1Gbps
- Transfer: 50TB
- IPs: 5 IPs Included
£400/mo +VAT
LIMITED TIME OFFER: Free 1G Unmetered (Contact us to apply this offer!)

47U Colocation:

- Power: 16 Amp
- Network: 1Gbps
- Transfer: 100TB
- IPs: 13 IPs Included
£800/mo +VAT
LIMITED TIME OFFER: Free 10G Unmetered (Contact us to apply this offer!)

Data center Features:

- PATH.net 7Tbps Always-On DDoS Attack Filtering.
- BT, GTT, Cogent, Level3
- Redundant Network, Cooling, and Power
- Backup diesel generator power
- Complete CCTV, Motion, Security & Police Response
- FREE /48 IPv6 Subnet
- No Term Contract Required
- No Setup Fees
- 100% GREEN Data Center
- PATH.net WHMCS Reseller Module / API

Servacus aims to be fully transparent and hides no pricing, you'll never see an unexpected bill.

You can view our pricing here: https://servacus.co.uk/colocation
To customize and order, email info@servacus.co.uk or send me a PM.




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